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Golden State Cel­lu­lar has been serv­ing the Mother Lode and Cen­tral Cal­i­for­nia with the high­est qual­ity cel­lu­lar ser­vice since 1989. Deliv­er­ing the best ser­vice using our own net­work of cell tow­ers through­out the Mother Lode area bring­ing text, talk, and data where other car­ri­ers do not.

Golden State Cellular News

Golden State Cellular (GSC) news regarding iPhone 6 / 6 Plus availability: Golden State Cellular customers will be able to purchase iPhone 6 /6 Plus by porting to Verizon Wireless in early November 2014.

Activating service with Verizon Wireless comes with access to Verizon Wireless’ advanced device and accessory line up, exclusive port-in incentives, as well as the ability to:

  • keep your GSC number by establishing Verizon Wireless service.
  • take advantage of the Verizon EDGE program, which makes it easy to buy new devices, with a low upfront cost and affordable monthly payments.
  • enjoy 4G LTE service on Verizon Wireless’ nationwide 4G LTE network (where available), with expanding Verizon 4G LTE coverage within the Mother Lode in the near future.
  • choose from exclusive offers available only to loyal GSC customers.

To be notified when porting is available:

  1. input your mobile number here and we'll send you a text

  2. 10+15=? 

  3. visit/call a Golden State Cellular Retail location to opt in for notification via text

*2-year contract or Verizon EDGE device program required

Posted on 09/12/2014


  • Beginning August 18th our Angels Camp store hours will be changed to Mon-Sat 10 am to 6 pm